St. Paul’s Island

St. Pauls Island (Maltese: Il-Gżejjer ta’ San Pawl) is an island off Selmun also known as Selmunett. This small island is found on the north east coast of the Main Island. It has an area of 24.7 acers (10 hectors). St. Pauls island is sometimes split into two islands depending on the water level; therefore, they are sometimes referred to as the St. Pauls Islands.

On the island/s you can find a statue which is the statue of St. Paul. This statue is thought to be located where St. Paul shipwrecked in 60 AD. It was inaugurated in 1845 and is 4m high. This statue was sculpted by two Maltese sculptors, Sigismondo Dimech and Salvatore Dimech. The statue shows St. Paul holding a book in his left hand while holding up the right, and at his feet lies a snake which is told to have come out of the fire and bit his hand in the Acts of the Apostles.

Access to St. Pauls islands (Selmunett) is only allowed between sunrise and sunset, and only for swimming, berthing of vessels with permission and walking on the designated footpaths. Any other activities are prohibited on the island.

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