St. Julian’s

St. Julian’s as it is today, is very different from the way it used to
be. It has developed into a hub for tourism and the area known as
Paceville is well known for its nightlife.

How different it is from the past when it was a small fishing village
which included Spinola and Balluta Bay. At that time there were just a
few fishermen’s huts and farmhouses and the area extended to the
surrounding countryside. Spinola Palace and the old Parish Church
known as Lapsi Church, also formed part of this quaint village.

St Julians is now a centre for tourism, especially popular during the
summer months. It boasts the tallest building in Malta, Mercury Tower,
which is still under construction and stands alongside the one which
used to be the tallest building, Portomaso Business Tower.

Paceville is the ‘night district’ and is one of the most popular areas
known for its numerous nightclubs, discos and bars.

The difference between St Julian’s now and in the past is huge. It has
adapted to the tastes and choices of the modern world.

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