Malta’s passion for Fireworks goes back centuries. In Malta fireworks are part of cultural traditions, which are linked with traditional religious ties. We celebrate over 100 feasts around our towns and villages, and have 35 factories scattered around the island. Our Summer season is chock-a-block, with bursts of colour lighting up our skies almost every weekend.

One of the most popular feasts in the area of Sliema is the feast of ‘Our Lady, Star of the Sea (Stella Maris)’. Our Lady, Star of the Sea, is a Patroness to seafarers and also to Catholic missions. According to the prayer of Pope John Paul II, Our Lady, Star of the Sea is the light of every ocean and she is there to guide seafarers through dark nights and stormy seas in order for them to reach the calm seas unharmed and healthy.

Apart from the feasts many firework festivals are held, amongst them one of the most popular ones which is held every year, The Fireworks Festival. This is a festival dedicated specifically to these beautiful pyrotechnics. It usually takes place in the grand harbour of Malta. During the festival different factory groups and firework companies create the most gorgeous displays which are set off altogether. For this event many people gather in the grand harbour, either on boats or in the surrounding cities.

Beautiful fireworks can be enjoyed from land but imagine how the beauty is enhanced if one can watch from the sea and also appreciate the atmosphere as well as the reflection in the water, so book now to guarantee a spot on:

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